Like any fairytale, ours is a story filled with joy, sadness, betrayal, resolution and a mildly-discontent-but-ok-with-it ever after.  We met in a quirky city in our pursuit for relevance. Fell in love through shared restlessness. And spent hours upon hours ensuring that various coffee shops stay in business (and that we graduate). A degree and some whiskey/tequila/wine later (we didn’t want to discriminate), we were tragically separated by life and left with Apple feeding the core of our communication efforts (see what I did there). Our group imsgs inspired this blog, and it now serves as a canvas for sharing our thoughts on a cornucopia of topics beyond those we dive into in our respective 9-5’s.

On each page, you’ll find a brief description of the types of posts you can expect. Topics range across race (we’re all vaguely “ethnic”), gender (#feminists), love (in all its forms), and other things that confuse, exhilarate, exasperate, entertain and intrigue us.



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