On gratitude

In the face of recent…events, I’ll call them?…big and small, I’ve noticed a profound change within myself. I’ve noticed that my genuine reaction to difficult, or sad, or frustrating circumstances is one of gratitude. I’m so grateful for the good people in my life, in whatever form or state I’m given. It doesn’t mean I don’t get frustrated that things don’t work out the way I imagined. I just have found I’m able to hold onto a sense of gratitude for the presence of others, above my pettiness or wishful thinking. It’s mushy, I know. I wish I could be more clever, or profound, or silly today, but this is all I can muster.

I think the words of a a rather incredible and grace-filled friend sum it up the best “What a gift it is to know such deep love and to share life, even when it’s hard and ambiguous.”

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