Exhale: on imperfections

You know that inhale? The one before stepping onto the stage at a dance recital, before the first word of a nomination speech, before the first pull at a violin string, before “I do.” The inhale that’s paired with having spent hours, decades, lifetimes preparing for what’s about to follow.

I live in that inhale. That inhale is my bread and butter. Constantly at the edge of starting to do something or be someone I’ve been preparing for, but never quite ready (or rather, perfect) enough to breathe out. To do. To be. I always have a reason for not moving on to the exhale. It’s not worth it. There’s no impact. It’ll inevitably fail. The quality is not up to par. But the truth is that I’ve mastered the inhale and I’m more comfortable in a state of preparation for action rather than action itself. No more.

You, dear reader, are going to join me as I breathe out over the next 30 days. I’m committing to writing every other day regardless of quality, regardless of content, regardless of perceived judgment. (I know… I’m really selling this). The only constant goal over my 27 years has been to use writing to make something happen – be that to inspire a feeling, capture the imagination, elicit a reaction, or effect policy change. To make this happen, I need to stop preparing and start performing. Weak word choices, comma splices, incomplete thoughts – I’m going to let it all hang out and embrace the philosophy of shitty first drafts. Enjoy.


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